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Urbex in Belgium

Time for another Urbex trip to Belgium. Here I visited multiple forts around Liege, visited the abandoned Power Plant IM in Charleroi, saw an abandoned swimming pool, train station and sanatorium and visited some old mines.

Check out the Urban, Abandoned Buildings gallery for the train station, forts and the swimming pool:

 Piscine Mosq 002-Edit  Sanatorium du Basil 016  Fort de Loncin 029 Station Montzen 017

The Urban, Industry gallery for the mines and power plant:

 Power Plant IM 079  Le Bois du Cazier 068-Edit  Power Plant IM 078

And the Arts gallery for a crocodile:

Kroko von Urban Stark 010

Rhein Valley

A short trip to the Rhein Valley between Koblenz and Bingen with a sidestep to Aachen. Check out the gallery page. I also added some of the pictures to the Urban galleries.

Burg Eltz Branderwald Loreley Marksburg

Bonaire 2020

Back to Bonaire once more! This time we did get the seahorse and frogfish. Check out the gallery page.

Bari Reef 020 Margrate Bay 007 Carl's Hill 037 Bachelor's Beach 011

Bonaire 2019

This time it's Bonaire for a diving holiday. Very nice shore diving here. Check out the gallery.

Bloodlet 030 The Cliff 003 Joana's Sunchi 002 Carl's Hill 001

Bahamas 2019

  • Another diving trip back to Grand Bahama Island diving with Unexso. Check out the gallery.
Moray Manor 012 Theo's Wreck 013-Edit Sharks Junction 010 Sharks Junction 001


Finally after nine years I get to dive again. This time on the Bahamas with Unexso. Check out the diving gallery.
  • Theo's Wreck 030 The Chamber 016 Papa Doc 011 Octopussy 010


Summer holiday. With a trip to wonderful Berlin. All in the Travel Gallery.

Berlin 215-Edit Berlin 200-Edit Berlin 311-Edit Berlin 2017 015-Edit

Bergen, Norway

A business trip to lovely Bergen in Norway. Combined with a day of photography. See the Travel gallery.

Bergen 079-Edit Bergen 134 Bergen 398-Edit Bergen 007-Edit


Going to VMWorld 2016 in Barcelona for work. But there was still time to do some photography. Check out the Travel gallery.

Barcelona 046-Edit Barcelona 055-Edit Barcelona 112-Edit Barcelona 135-Edit

Visit to Hamburg

A short visit to Hamburg for work. Combined with a few extra days for photography. Check the Travel Gallery

Hamburg 043-Edit Hamburg 117-Edit Hamburg 184-HDR Hamburg 294-Edit Hamburg 309

Koblenz Area

A three day vacation to the Koblenz area in Germany where the Rhine and Mosel rivers come together. Many picturesque towns litter both rivers upstream. Check out the Travel gallery.
Koblenz 013-Edit Limburg ad Lahn 013-Edit Marksburg 071-Edit Burg Eltz 112-Edit St Goar 049-Edit Kaub 039-Edit
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