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Revisit Ruhr Sites

A revisit to the Route Industriekultur in the Ruth area in Germany. New perspectives and different angles. Check out the Industry gallery.

Halde Hoheward 011 Welterbe Zollverein 017-Edit Schweriner Halde 012 Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord 021-Edit

And a visit to the Atlantic Wall bunkers in IJmuiden, Netherlands. Check out my Abandoned Buildings gallery.

Militaire vestingwerken Ijmuiden 005-Edit Militaire vestingwerken Ijmuiden 040-Edit

Rhein Valley

A short trip to the Rhein Valley between Koblenz and Bingen with a sidestep to Aachen. Check out the gallery page. I also added some of the pictures to the Urban galleries.

Burg Eltz Branderwald Loreley Marksburg

Brown coal mining

A quick visit to two German brown coal mines still in operation near München-Gladbach. Very fascinating seeing these huge mining machines. Check out the Urban Industry galley.

Browncoal 042-Edit Browncoal 043-Edit Browncoal 086-Edit

Visit to Hamburg

A short visit to Hamburg for work. Combined with a few extra days for photography. Check the Travel Gallery

Hamburg 043-Edit Hamburg 117-Edit Hamburg 184-HDR Hamburg 294-Edit Hamburg 309

New Season of Route Industriekultur

A new season of photography has started. This time a visit to a different part of the World Heritage site Zollverein in Essen. The Kokerei Zollverein, check the Industry Gallery.
Kokerei Zollverein 044 Kokerei Zollverein 059 Kokerei Zollverein 070

Route Industriekultur

This time a night trip to the Nordstern Park and the Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord to see the lighting of the factories there. Check out the Urban, Industry gallery.

Ruhr 028-Edit Ruhr 086 Ruhr 119-Edit

More Industriekultur

Another visit to parts of the Route Industriekultur. This time Kokerei Hansa (a coking plant), Zeche Ewald (a coal mine) and the Hoheward Landschaftspark. Check them out in the Urban, Industry gallery.
Landschaftspark Hohewald 007-Edit Kokerei Hanse 007-Edit Kokerei Hanse 061-Edit Zeche Ewald 013-Edit

Route Industriekultur

The “Route Industriekultur” are old industrial sites in the Ruhr area in Germany that are converted into museums. Great for urban industrial photography. This time I visited the railroad museum in Bochem, Heinrichshutte in Hattingen (an old steel plant) and a quick stop at the Tetraeder in Bottrob. Check the Urban Industrial galley.
Eisenbahn Museum 073-Edit Eisenbahn Museum 162 Heinrichshutte 031 Heinrichshutte 079-Edit Tetraeder 043-Edit

Koblenz Area

A three day vacation to the Koblenz area in Germany where the Rhine and Mosel rivers come together. Many picturesque towns litter both rivers upstream. Check out the Travel gallery.
Koblenz 013-Edit Limburg ad Lahn 013-Edit Marksburg 071-Edit Burg Eltz 112-Edit St Goar 049-Edit Kaub 039-Edit

German Industry

A visit to the Zeche Zollern industry museum and the Ruhr Museum to get some industrial inspiration. Check the Industry Urbex gallery.

Zeche Zollern Zeche Zollern Zeche Zollern Ruhr Museum Ruhr Museum

Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord

Part of the German Ruhr area, the Landschaftpark (Landscape park) Duisberg-Nord is an old out-of-use factory complex that has been converted to an amusement park / museum. Great place for some urban photography.
Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord Landschaftspark Duisberg-Nord
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