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Route Industriekultur

The “Route Industriekultur” are old industrial sites in the Ruhr area in Germany that are converted into museums. Great for urban industrial photography. This time I visited the railroad museum in Bochem, Heinrichshutte in Hattingen (an old steel plant) and a quick stop at the Tetraeder in Bottrob. Check the Urban Industrial galley.
Eisenbahn Museum 073-Edit Eisenbahn Museum 162 Heinrichshutte 031 Heinrichshutte 079-Edit Tetraeder 043-Edit

Southern Belgium Urbex

A weekend trip full of Urbex. From Prison H15 in Lille to a power plant in Charleroi, to Castle Miranda and a revisit to Vervier. Check out the Abandoned Buildings gallery.
Prison H15 047-Edit PowerPlant Charlroi 059-Edit Kasteel Miranda 021-Edit Hasard Cheratte 007-Edit Argnus Dei 004-Edit

Urbex around Brussels

Since my vacation wasn’t over yet I decided to visit some more urbex sites around Brussels, Belgium.

Check out the Abandoned Buildings gallery for an abandoned swimming pool at Domein Hofstade:
Urbex Brussel 053 Urbex Brussel 077-Edit

And some out-of-use castles in the Castles gallery:

Urbex Brussel 029Urbex Brussel 012-EditUrbex Brussel 045

Koblenz Area

A three day vacation to the Koblenz area in Germany where the Rhine and Mosel rivers come together. Many picturesque towns litter both rivers upstream. Check out the Travel gallery.
Koblenz 013-Edit Limburg ad Lahn 013-Edit Marksburg 071-Edit Burg Eltz 112-Edit St Goar 049-Edit Kaub 039-Edit
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